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McREL's Compendium and the Common Core

Soon after the launch of the Common Core standards for English language arts and mathematics, McREL linked these standards to our popular Compendium so that visitors can still take advantage of the level of analysis we provide for each standard, as well as continue access to the standards-aligned resources we provide, including classroom activities and released test items. These alignments which appear in hyperlinks from the Common Core's PDF distribution files, are still available here.

We've now also moved the Common Core inside the Compendium as well. Check out the Browse the Standards page (which is also available from our main page). You'll see, accessible under the Common Core heading, that we've maintained the conceptual structure of both the English language arts Literacy and the mathematics standards from the Common Core while also integrating the standards into the Compendium structure.

We are excited about the opportunities this new design will afford us. Not only will the Common Core be available in the familiar format of the Compendium, we will soon be vetting free quality resources and making them available as direct links from the Common Core standards. We'll also take advantage of the more than 20 other subject areas in the Compendium to showcase those links across content areas that will best support the vision of the Common Core standards to engage students in literacy skills across the curriculum, and reach a deeper understanding of how mathematics is an integral part of everyday life.