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Field Test Findings

PI Poster presented at the November 2008 Global Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education Workshop
NanoLeap Poster presented at the November 2008 Global NSEE Workshop

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Read the final NanoLeap report that details the extent to which we met our project objectives.
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Physical Science
Investigating Static Forces in Nature: The Mystery of the Gecko

The curriculum modules, from the NanoLeap Into New Science project, include student activities, experiments, and assessments for use as replacement units in high school physical science and chemistry courses. The materials promote student learning of the interdisciplinary nanoscale core concepts of force (physics) as it relates to properties of matter (chemistry), scale (mathematics), scientific instrumentation (technology), and processes (inquiry). Teacher guides address the varied needs of the science education community and ensure effective classroom implementation.
+ Physical Science Module
Gecko's foot
Nanoscale Materials and Their Properties

The NanoLeap Chemistry Module is designed to be a three-week culminating unit in a high school chemistry course. The module asks students to apply concepts and skills learned throughout the year in a traditional curriculum and can serve as an extension of those concepts that are of particular relevance in nanoscale science. The essential question that students will consider throughout the module is, “How and why do the chemical and physical properties of nanosamples differ from those of macrosamples of the same substance?”
+ Chemistry Module
Depiction of synthesis of metal nanoparticles reacting with ligand molecules
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