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List of Benchmarks for Family/Consumer Sciences

Standard 6.Understand how knowledge and skills related to living environments affect the well-being of individuals, families, and society
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows various types (e.g., single, multifamily) of housing, and understands the basic financial and legal aspects of housing in various demographic situations
   2. Knows recent trends in housing and furnishings (e.g., price range, style, decor, use of technology) and factors that affects these trends (e.g., cultural, demographic, societal, economic, environmental)
   3. Understands how housing influences the physical, psychological, and social well-being of individuals and families
   4. Knows factors affecting housing needs and choices (e.g., legal, financial, location, family size, lifestyle)
   5. Understands the differences between renting and owning personal living space, and the advantages and disadvantages of each
   6. Knows that housing laws and knowledge of housing information provide protection for consumers
   7. Understands effective space utilizations in home design
   8. Understands the importance of maintaining housing (e.g., aesthetic, economic)
   9. Understands the design principles and elements as they apply to living environments
   10. Knows factors that influence the selection, maintenance, and care of home furnishings and appliances (e.g., performance, safety, cost, quality, efficiency, space, ability to be cleaned)
   11. Knows ways in which to conserve energy in the household