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Each benchmark has been reviewed to determine the significant terms and phrases -- benchmark vocabulary -- that represent its content. Benchmark vocabulary includes terms and phrases that appear in the benchmarks, as well as terms and phrases that do not, but that capture ideas within benchmarks. The purpose of expanding the benchmark vocabulary in this way is to provide users with additional avenues for searching and retrieving benchmarks. Consider, for example, the following benchmark in science (standard 6, Level II [Grade 3-5]):

        3. Knows that an organism's patterns of behavior are related to the nature of that organism's environment (e.g., kinds and numbers of other organisms present, availability of food and resources, physical characteristics of the environment)

Among other vocabulary identified for this benchmark is the phrase "population density." Although this phrase does not appear in the benchmark itself, it represents an embedded concept. Thus, users who search the text of the standards and benchmarks for "population density" will not be successful, but they will be successful if they search for this phrase in the benchmark vocabulary.

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Every benchmark in the standards database has been organized under one or more topics. The topics that have been assigned to benchmarks are terms or phrases commonly used in the subject areas to help organize instruction. Topics serve to connect closely related benchmarks across one or more standards and subject areas; they also provide an easier way to retrieve a set of benchmarks.

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