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Topic: Restraining Impulsivity 


 Standard 6.  Restrains impulsivity
  Level Pre-K (Grade Pre-K)
   Benchmark 1.Knows the names for own and others feelings and emotions
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Identifies own feelings and emotions
     2.Identifies the feelings and emotions of others
   Benchmark 2.Manages emotions appropriately (e.g., expresses feelings with language, controls anger)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Knows there are appropriate ways to deal with how he or she feels
     2.Controls feelings of anger
     3.Expresses feelings and emotions with language
   Benchmark 3.Follows classroom rules and routines
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Knows the rules and routines of the classroom
     2.Follows classroom rules
     3.Adheres to classroom routines
   Benchmark 4.Exhibits care for personal belongings and school materials (e.g., pencils, crayons, clothing, books)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Shows care for classroom materials
     2.Shows care for personal belongings
     3.Shows respect for the belongings of others
  Level IV (Grade K-12)
   Benchmark 1.Keeps responses open as long as possible
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands that keeping responses open allows for greater consideration of responses that are possible
     2.Understands that keeping responses open allows more time for considering the consequences of those responses