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Topic: Personal Goals and Values 


 Standard 2.  Performs self-appraisal
  Level IV (Grade K-12)
   Benchmark 2.Establishes learning goals based on one’s current and future learning needs
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Establishes learning goals based on current learning needs
     2.Establishes learning goals based on future learning needs
   Benchmark 3.Monitors progress towards learning goal and modifies strategies as needed
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Monitors progress towards learning goals
     2.Modifies strategies as needed to achieve learning goals
   Benchmark 4.Identifies basic values, and distinguishes values from personal preferences, needs, and wants
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Identifies personal values
     2.Distinguishes values from personal preferences, needs, and wants
   Benchmark 5.Determines appropriate behaviors that are used and should be adopted to obtain wants and/or needs
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Determines appropriate behaviors to obtain wants
     2.Determines appropriate behaviors to obtain needs
   Benchmark 7.Keeps a log documenting personal improvement
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Establishes a log suitable for tracking progress towards goals
     2.Documents progress on personal improvement
   Benchmark 14.Identifies desired future accomplishments and preferred lifestyle
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Identifies desired future accomplishments
     2.Identifies preferred lifestyle
 Standard 4.  Demonstrates perseverance
  Level IV (Grade K-12)
   Benchmark 1.Demonstrates perseverance relative to personal goals
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Fulfills personal goals
     2.Deals with set-backs in achieving goals
 Standard 5.  Maintains a healthy self-concept
  Level IV (Grade K-12)
   Benchmark 7.Examines "shoulds" to determine their negative and positive effects and revises “shoulds” to reflect the reality of personal needs
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Examines "shoulds" to determine their negative effects
     2.Examines "shoulds" to determine their positive effects

Life Work

 Standard 8.  Operates effectively within organizations
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   Benchmark 2.Understands the extent to which organizational values are compatible with personal values
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Knows which of one’s personal values are compatible with organizational values
     2.Knows which of one’s personal values are not compatible with organizational values