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Topic: Weight and mass  


 Standard 4.  Understands and applies basic and advanced properties of the concepts of measurement
  Level Pre-K (Grade Pre-K)
   Benchmark 4.Orders objects qualitatively by measurable attribute (e.g., smallest to largest, lightest to heaviest, shortest to longest)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Orders objects from smallest to largest
     2.Orders objects from lightest to heaviest
     3.Orders objects from shortest to longest
     4.Knows that objects can be put in order by measurable attributes
   Benchmark 5.Knows the common language of measurement (e.g., "big," "little," "long," "short," "light," "heavy")
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands the term "big"
     2.Understands the term "little"
     3.Understands the term "long"
     4.Understands the term "short"
     5.Understands the term "light"
     6.Understands the term "heavy"
  Level I (Grade K-2)
   Benchmark 1.Understands the basic measures length, width, height, weight, and temperature
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands the concept of length
     2.Understands the concept of temperature
     3.Understands the concept of weight
     4.Understands the concept of height
     5.Understands the concept of width
   Benchmark 3.Knows processes for telling time, counting money, and measuring length, weight, and temperature, using basic standard and non-standard units
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Measures weight using standard units
     2.Measures temperature using standard units
     3. Measures time using standard units
     4.Measures width using standard units
     5.Measures height using standard units
     6. Measures length using standard units
     7.Understands the concept of elapsed time
     8. Measures elapsed time
     9.Measures weight using non-standard units
     10.Measures temperature using non-standard units
     11.Measures time using non-standard units
     12.Measures width using non-standard units
     13.Measures height using non-standard units
     14.Measures length using non-standard units
     15.Counts money
   Benchmark 4.Makes quantitative estimates of familiar linear dimensions, weights, and time intervals and checks them against measurements
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Estimates length
     2.Estimates temperature
     3.Estimates height
     4.Estimates width
     5.Estimates time intervals
     6.Estimates weight
  Level II (Grade 3-5)
   Benchmark 1.Understands the basic measures perimeter, area, volume, capacity, mass, angle, and circumference
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands the concept of circumference
     2.Understands the concept of perimeter
     3.Understands the concept of mass
     4.Understands the concept of angle
     5. Understands the concept of volume
     6. Understands the concept of area
     7.Understands the concept of capacity