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Topic: Similarity and Congruence 


 Standard 5.  Understands and applies basic and advanced properties of the concepts of geometry
  Level II (Grade 3-5)
   Benchmark 4.Understands that shapes can be congruent or similar
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands the concept of similar shapes
     2.Understands the concept of congruent shapes
  Level III (Grade 6-8)
   Benchmark 2.Understands the defining properties of three-dimensional figures (e.g., a cube has edges with equal lengths, faces with equal areas and congruent shapes, right angle corners)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands the concept of a three-dimensional figure
     2.Understands the properties of three-dimensional figures
     3.Understands that the properties of a cube include faces that are congruent, faces that have equal areas, edges with equal lengths, and right angle corners
   Benchmark 6.Understands the mathematical concepts of similarity (e.g., scale, proportion, growth rates) and congruency
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands the concept of similarity
     2.Understands the concept of growth rate
     3.Understands the concept of congruence
     4.Understands the concept of geometric proportion
     5.Understands the concept of growth rates
     6.Understands the concept of scale