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Topic: Relationships 

Early Childhood

 Standard 2.  Children develop trust and emotional security through positive relationships, self-awareness, and self-regulation
  0-9 months
   Benchmark 1.Shows awareness and interest in other children (e.g., watches other children, touches the eyes or hair of a peer, laughs or babbles to another infant)
   Benchmark 2.Builds relationships with familiar adults (e.g., makes eye contact, responds to facial expressions, seeks interactions with and comfort from caregiver, distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar people, shows preference for familiar adults)
   Benchmark 3.Reacts to other’s emotional expressions (e.g., becomes upset when another infant is crying; imitates facial expressions of others)
  8-18 months
   Benchmark 1.Shows interest in and engages with other children (e.g., engages in simple back-and-forth interactions with peers, plays with one or two preferred playmates, imitates other children’s actions)
   Benchmark 2.Develops secure relationships with familiar adults (e.g., cries when parent leaves, seeks comfort from familiar adult in new situations, follows a parent or teacher physically around the room)
  16-36 months
   Benchmark 1.Understands the responses, communication, and emotional expressions of other people (e.g., talks about other’s emotions, tries to comfort or entertain another person, adjusts behavior for different situations, becomes distressed if another toddler cries)
   Benchmark 2.Responds to and engages with other children (e.g., observes and imitates play of others; smiles, laughs, or talks to other children; may have trouble sharing; seeks specific children for regular interactions and notices when they are gone)
   Benchmark 3.Responds to and engages with adults (e.g., initiates interactions with adults, helps an adult with a task) and develops a close relationship with certain adults (e.g., desires a particular adult’s attention, seeks comfort or affection from specific adults)