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Topic: Healthy habits 

Physical Education

 Standard 3.  Understands the benefits and costs associated with participation in physical activity
  Level II (Grade 3-6)
   Benchmark 3.Knows factors that inhibit physical activity (e.g., substance abuse)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands that some health habits can inhibit physical activity
     2.Understands that smoking inhibits physical activity
     3.Understands that drinking inhibits physical activity
     4.Understands that using drugs inhibits physical activity
   Benchmark 4.Knows how to modify activities to be more health-enhancing (e.g.,walking instead of riding, taking the stairs rather than the elevator)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands that many activities can be modified to be more health-enhancing
     2.Understands that one can walk instead of ride in a car to enhance health
     3.Understands that one can take the stairs instead of the elevator to enhance health
 Standard 4.  Understands how to monitor and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness
  Level II (Grade 3-6)
   Benchmark 4.Knows the effects of physical activity and nutrition on body composition
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Knows the effects of physical activity on body composition
     2.Knows the effects of nutrition on body composition
   Benchmark 7.Knows the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle (e.g., daily health-enhancing physical activity, proper nutrition)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Knows that daily physical activity is one characteristic of a healthy lifestyle
     2.Knows that proper nutrition is one characteristic of a healthy lifestyle
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   Benchmark 7.Understands how to maintain an active lifestyle throughout life (e.g., participate regularly in physical activities that reflect personal interests)
    Knowledge/skill statements
     1.Understands that regular participation in physical activities of personal interest is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle