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List of Benchmarks for World History

Standard 10.Understands how early agrarian civilizations arose in Mesoamerica
  Level II (Grade 5-6)
   1. Understands the major characteristics and contributions of Olmec civilization (e.g, how maize cultivation influenced the development of the Olmec civilization, the major contributions of Olmec civilization to Mesoamerican civilization, the achievements of Olmec civilization circa 1200 to 400 BCE, how geography influenced the development of Olmec civilization, the essential aspects of the Olmec civilization)
  Level III (Grade 7-8)
   1. Understands methods used to study Olmec civilization (e.g., what archaeological evidence indicates about the development of Olmec civilization in the 2nd and 1st millennia BCE, clues about political and economic structure found in the monumental Olmec stone heads)
   2. Understands characteristics of Olmec agriculture (e.g., the social and environmental impacts, and the methods of Olmec agriculture; how farming in Mesoamerica differed from that of other agrarian societies in the ancient world)
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Understands the framework of Olmec society and the influence of Olmec civilization on other civilizations (e.g., the cultural influence of the Olmec on the development of Zapotec and Mayan civilizations; the role of trade in the diffusion of this culture; the political, economic, and social structure of Olmec society and Olmec beliefs, and how this knowledge has been acquired in spite of undeciphered written records)