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List of Benchmarks for United States History

Standard 23.Understands the causes of the Great Depression and how it affected American society
  Level II (Grade 5-6)
   1. Understands economic aspects of the Great Depression (e.g., the causes and consequences of the stock market crash of 1929; the factors that contributed to the Great Depression; the effects of the depression on farmers, city workers, and military veterans)
   2. Understands the environmental and social impact of the Great Depression (e.g., the effects of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl on American farm owners, tenants, and sharecroppers; the effects of the depression on diverse groups and on local communities)
  Level III (Grade 7-8)
   1. Understands various political influences on the Great Depression (e.g., the effectiveness of measures the Hoover administration took to stem the tide of the Great Depression, the central political and economic causes of the Great Depression)
   2. Understands the social and economic impact of the Great Depression (e.g., the impact of the depression on industry and workers; the response of local and state officials in combating the resulting economic and social crises; the effects of the depression on American families and on ethnic and racial minorities; the effect on gender roles; the victimization of African Americans and white sharecroppers)
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Understands influences on the national and global economy in the 1920s and 1930s (e.g., economic policies of the Harding and Coolidge administrations and their impact on wealth distribution, investment, and taxes; the global context of the depression and the reasons for the worldwide economic collapse; characteristics of the American economy in the 1920s)
   2. Understands the impact of the Great Depression on American culture (e.g., art, literature, and music, and the government’s role in promoting artistic expression; how the works of various American artists reflected American conditions in the 1930s and influenced the New Deal)
   3. Understands how the Great Depression influenced local, state, and charitable resources in the period 1930-1938