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Standard 1.Understands framing in carpentry
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows how to frame a floor, including identifying and selecting members, cutting, layout, and installation of joists, openings, supports, and bridging, and the installation and fastening of subfloors
   2. Knows how to frame a wall and partition, including identification of framing members; the layout locations for studs, doors, windows, and wall lines; cutting and building studs, trimmers, cripples, headers, firestops, and corners; and installation of sheathing, diagonal bracing, insulation, and a vapor barrier
   3. Knows how to install drywall, including selecting types and sizes of drywall, calculating layout and patterns of nails or screws, and installation of corner accessories
   4. Knows how to frame a window and door, including identification of parts; how to cut, layout and install a window; how to cut, layout, and hang a door; and how to install door jambs
   5. Knows how to frame a roof, including identification of parts (e.g., members, styles, framing units, and truss parts), calculation of rafter lengths (e.g., common, hip, and jack), selection of nails and fasteners according to specifications, and layout and installation (e.g., of rafters, joists, and sheathing)
   6. Knows how to frame a ceiling, including identification, selection, and assembly of materials; application of measurement scales (e.g., computation of length, width, and angle) and tools; layout, cutting, and installing joists and bracing
   7.  Knows how to use tools and devices for framing, including set up and adjustment of a transit and a builder’s level, reading a measuring rod, and performance of differential leveling.