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Health Education

Standard 5.Understands the components of the health care delivery system
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows the service areas in health care (e.g., therapeutic, diagnostic, informational, environmental)
   2. Knows various processes that affect health care delivery (e.g., integrated systems, alternative care, reimbursement, cost systems)
   3. Understands ways in which the settings of health care delivery systems have changed over time (e.g., long-term care settings, outpatient clinics, patients’ home)
   4. Understands how the evolution of health care practices, procedures, and philosophies has influenced the role of health care delivery systems in a variety of areas (e.g., disease prevention, health maintenance, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation)
   5. Understands the role of the government in the health care system (e.g., health care legislation, regulations and subsidies in the health welfare field)
   6. Understands the roles and responsibilities of various members of health care systems and how they contribute to the function of the system (e.g., knows daily schedules of other workers, knows own role in performing one’s job; knows details of other jobs)
   7. Knows relevant systems in the health care facility and how they function (e.g., how a hospital’s social service department functions in order to answer patient questions)
   8. Knows uses for resources within and outside the health care facility (e.g., staff, manuals, training opportunities; patient services offered by resources outside the health care facility)