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Health Education

Standard 13.Uses a variety of communication skills to convey client and workplace information to team members
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Provides complete client information to team, including formal and informal observations
   2. Knows health care situations that require documentation (e.g., diagnoses; treatment progress, processes, and results; changes in conditions that might introduce risk to clients or staff; prescriptions for future health care; unsafe environmental conditions)
   3. Understands the structure and composition of client records
   4. Knows appropriate methods for completion of health care documents (e.g., patient charts, legal forms, in-patient/out-patient admissions forms)
   5. Understands facility and/or department protocol for patient file preparation and distribution
   6. Understands the health care team structure and lines of authority (e.g., knows the role of supervision in employee training and job performance, knows the chain of command within an organization, knows basic meeting procedures)
   7. Understands the collaborative role of team members in providing quality health care and addressing community health needs
   8. Uses appropriate health care terms to communicate with team members (e.g., abbreviations, acronyms, symbols; directional terms; anatomical planes related to body structure; terms related to body systems, surgical and diagnostic procedures, diseases, and treatments; pharmacological terms)