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Family/Consumer Sciences

Standard 7.Understand important concepts and skills related to careers in facilities management and maintenance
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows the skills used in planning, organizing, and maintaining an efficient housekeeping operation (e.g., operating cleaning equipment and tools; managing supply use; maintaining building interior surfaces, wall coverings, fabrics, furnishings, and floor surfaces)
   2. Knows sanitation procedures that are used to maintain a clean and safe environment (e.g., various types of cleaning methods, OSHA regulations, pest control systems, Centers for Disease Control [CDC] standards, Americans with Disability Act [ADA] regulations)
   3. Knows hazardous materials and waste management procedures (e.g., waste minimization plans, recycling programs, safe disposals of pesticides)
   4. Knows procedures for establishing a safe and secure work environment (e.g., external and internal emergency procedures; security procedures; safe procedures in the use, care, and storage of equipment; procedures for infection control)
   5. Knows appropriate laundering processes (e.g., knows the functions of machines and equipment used in laundry operations; knows procedures for the selection of textiles, chemicals, and equipment associated with laundry)
   6. Knows management functions related to the maintenance of facilities (e.g., staff planning, recruiting, and scheduling; customer service; work measurement techniques; purchasing and receiving; inventory procedures; accounting principles; marketing plan implementation)