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Family/Consumer Sciences

Standard 16.Understands important concepts and skills related to careers in the textiles and apparel industries
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows fiber and textile materials and the effects of their characteristics on design, construction, care, use, and maintenance of products
   2. Knows apparel and textiles design skills (e.g., using basic and complex color schemes and color theory to develop and enhance visual effects; using the elements and principles of design in designing, constructing, and/or altering textiles products)
   3. Understands how apparel selection is related to the social, physical, and psychological needs of clients
   4. Knows skills needed to produce, alter, or repair textiles products and apparel (e.g., using a variety of equipment, tools, and supplies such as home and industrial sewing machines, sergers, and pressing and cutting equipment; using appropriate industry materials for cleaning, pressing, and finishing textiles products)
   5. Understands textile and apparel manufacturing systems (e.g., mass production, quality control techniques) and manufacturing processes (e.g., dyeing, printing, finishing)
   6. Understands the textile production process (e.g., origins, properties, and qualities of natural and manufactured fibers; methods of fiber and yarn production; types of woven, knitted, and nonwoven fabrics and methods of fabrication)
   7. Understands the history of fashion in relation to changing economic, social, cultural, and political conditions
   8. Knows fashion trends and understands how they are determined
   9. Understands elements of textiles and apparel merchandising (e.g., marketing strategies, costs, ethical considerations, promotional methods, research methods, forecasting techniques)
   10. Understands the operational procedures commonly performed in the textiles and apparel industry (e.g., quality control, inventory control, loss prevention, shipping, receiving, billing, payment)