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Family/Consumer Sciences

Standard 15.Understands how knowledge and skills related to clothing and textiles affect the well-being of individuals, families, and society
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Understands principles to follow when planning a wardrobe and preparing a clothing budget (e.g., knows available resources, understands the impact of clothing care requirements on overall wardrobe costs)
   2. Understands the relationships between clothing, behavior, and social expectations
   3. Uses strategies to evaluate clothing and accessory purchases (e.g., construction, cost, care)
   4. Understands the factors involved in choosing individual and family apparel (e.g., understands the functions of clothing; understands clothing selection to accommodate various ages, lifestyles, special needs groups, and careers; understands the relationship between apparel decisions, peer influence, self-esteem, and personal effectiveness)
   5. Understands the influence of advertising and technology on clothing decisions
   6. Knows clothing care procedures (e.g., clothing care labels, laundry procedures, practices for packing and storing apparel, care procedures for various fabrics)
   7. Knows skills to be used in clothing maintenance, repair, alteration, and/or construction (e.g., interpreting pattern instructions, preparing fabric, and selecting notions; using and caring for tools and equipment in a safe manner; using advanced hand and machine sewing skills)
   8. Uses sewing skills to produce a variety of apparel items (e.g., pants, jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses)
   9. Understands the elements and principles of design and the characteristics of textiles and apparel selection as applied to family wardrobe management
   10. Understands consumer rights and responsibilities as they relate to clothing purchases, and knows sources of consumer information regarding clothing and textile information