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Family/Consumer Sciences

Standard 14.Understand important concepts and skills related to careers in the food science, dietetics, and nutrition industries
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows factors to be considered for food and meal planning (e.g., nutritional principles, specialized dietary requirements)
   2. Knows a variety of food preparation techniques and knows how to serve a variety of foods
   3. Knows the nutrient requirements for individuals and families of diverse cultures and religions across the life span
   4. Understands the relationship of food choices to personal health (e.g., the relation between nutrition and stress, long-term effects of food choices, food allergies and intolerances)
   5. Understands various dietary guidelines and food guides and their use in planning a healthy diet (e.g., food pyramid, recommended daily allowances)
   6. Understands differences in food preferences and food marketing in relation to cultural, religious, economic, social, and psychological factors
   7. Understands basic functions related to nutritional therapy (e.g., nutritional screening, menu selection, individual instruction on nutrition for health maintenance and disease prevention)
   8. Understands food supply, distribution, and nutrition from a global perspective (e.g., the economic factors that influence the food chain, pricing, and choices; technological, ecological, and sociological factors affecting the world food supply)
   9. Understands how current technology is used in food product development and marketing (e.g., food marketing, food preparation, procedures affecting food quality and evaluations)
   10. Knows management practices used in the food science, dietetics, and nutrition industry (e.g., building menus to client preferences; implementing food preparation, production, and testing systems; creating standardized recipes; managing food amounts to meet client needs; implementing procedures that provide cost effective products)