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Family/Consumer Sciences

Standard 12.Understand how knowledge and skills related to nutrition and food affect the well-being of individuals, families, and society
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Selects, prepares, and serves nutritious and aesthetically pleasing foods (e.g., meats, sauces, vegetables, salads, fruits, desserts)
   2. Understands basic nutritional needs and dietary practices (e.g., understands classifications, sources, and functions of nutrients; understands how nutritional needs vary throughout the life cycle and in relation to illness and disease)
   3. Understands that family food choices are influenced by culture, traditions, and socioeconomic factors
   4. Knows meal preparation techniques (e.g., basic food preparation that preserves nutritional value; types and safe use of equipment, tools, and utensils; correct measuring techniques)
   5. Knows cost-effective practices for food purchasing
   6. Understands the impact of food and diet fads, food addictions, and eating disorders on wellness
   7. Understands alternative meal plans for persons with special nutritional needs (e.g., diabetic, pregnant, teen, convalescent, athlete)
   8. Knows methods used to store surplus foods (e.g., refrigeration, freezing, drying, canning)
   9. Uses criteria to evaluate sources of nutritional information (e.g., food labels, advertising)
   10. Knows factors that effect food safety, from production to consumption (e.g., changes in national and international goods production and distribution systems, government inspections, labeling systems)
   11. Understands the effects of scientific and technical advances on meeting nutritional needs (e.g., effects on food selection, preparation, and home storage of food; effects on the nutrient content, availability, and safety of foods; effects on food processing, storage, product development, and distribution)
   12. Knows community resources available for helping those with dietary needs