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Engineering Education

Standard 15.Uses basic mechanical skills related to the manufacturing industry
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Performs routine installations, inspections, adjustments, and maintenance of industrial equipment
   2. Understands the basic operational features of industrial equipment
   3. Uses and maintains tools and materials safely and efficiently during the manufacturing process
   4. Knows procedures for dismantling, repairing, and replacing industrial equipment and machine parts
   5. Understands basic maintenance of tools and equipment used in the manufacturing process (e.g., changes and dresses grinding wheels, cleans and stores tools)
   6. Understands processes used in the shaping of various industrial materials (e.g., hot stamping, heat treating, drilling, turning, boring, milling)
   7. Understands various types of assembling processes used in manufacturing (e.g., mechanical fastening, mechanical force, fusion bonding, and adhesive bonding)
   8. Understands finishing procedures used in manufacturing (e.g., types of finishing materials, surface preparation, methods of application)
   9. Understands industrial forming processes (e.g., casting, molding, cold-forming, and shearing) and their application to specific types of materials
   10. Understands the principles and operation of forming, casting, and finishing molten materials (e.g., monitoring viscosity, metal pouring techniques, controlling hydrostatic pressures)
   11. Understands machining functions (e.g., sets offsets, adjusts speeds and feeds, performs tool changes)
   12. Understands how the procedures of hardening, tempering, annealing, and normalizing are used to alter the properties of industrial materials