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Business Education

Standard 41.Understands human resource management issues and how they affect the success of the organization
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows factors that contribute to employee development (e.g., orientation and employee training; continuous training; the benefits associated with workshops, conferences, course work, and professional associations)
   2. Knows procedures used in the employee evaluation process
   3. Knows elements of job descriptions and how they are used in the recruiting process
   4. Knows ways in which management and employees can address human resource concerns (e.g.,the grievance process, the collective bargaining process)
   5. Knows how federal legislation has affected organized labor and management
   6. Knows policies and procedures used to manage compensation (e.g., company performance, benchmarking, profit sharing)
   7. Knows criteria used to promote employees
   8. Knows issues associated with displaced employees (e.g., programs to assist displaced employees; whether companies are responsible for providing retraining programs and severance packages)
   9. Understands elements of downsizing (e.g., internal and external factors that affect downsizing; the consequences of downsizing on the individual, company, economy, and society)
   10. Understands the importance of timely communication of information pertinent to employees (e.g., company handbook, newsletters, memos)
   11. Knows legal and illegal strategies used by labor and management to gain competitive advantage in contract negotiations (e.g., strikes, boycotts, layoffs, lockouts; wildcat strikes, secondary boycotts, preventing workers from forming unions)
   12. Understands how worker participation in labor unions has changed over time