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Business Education

Standard 37.Understands the role of quality and continuous improvement in business organizations
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows strategic choices regarding quality that influence business operations (e.g., quality management issues such as getting the entire organization to commit to quality improvement; quality control issues such as methods for achieving goals concerning quality)
   2. Knows the principles of Total Quality Management
   3. Understands reasons for establishing quality standards in a business (e.g., ensuring quality work, monitoring the processes and products of the firm)
   4. Understands the role of the employer and employee in quality production (e.g., establishing quality standards or a quality management program; being responsible for quality and corrective actions)
   5. Knows ways in which quality assurance approaches are applied to business processes (e.g., statistical control process)
   6. Understands the role of quality assurance measures in product/service planning (e.g., warranties, service contracts)
   7. Understands the relationship between quality and continuous improvement and profit
   8. Knows factors that influence the quality of a business organization’s services (e.g., staffing and employee training; strategic, design, and operation choices and decisions)
   9. Understands ways in which employee training and development can improve an organization’s work force (e.g., increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and turnover, decreased cost of materials and equipment due to errors, increased pay raises and more autonomy among employees)