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Business Education

Standard 22.Knows the characteristics and uses of industry- and subject-specific computer software programs
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Uses database software to enter, sort, search, and retrieve data (e.g., sort patient records according to admission date in a hospital database; look to see if a car part is in stock for an auto repair business)
   2. Uses spreadsheet software to update, add, and delete data and to produce documents (e.g., classroom grade totals, profit-loss statements, charts and graphs showing increase in customers eating at a restaurant)
   3. Uses presentation and multimedia software to design, create, edit, and format presentations (e.g., a sales campaign presentation, a report about new manufacturing technologies, a description of veterinary procedures)
   4. Uses word processing software to produce documents (e.g., manuscripts, business letters, memorandums, resumes)
   5. Uses desktop publishing software to produce a variety of publications (e.g., newsletters, brochures, instructional manuals)
   6. Uses various resources (e.g., on-line help, tutorials, manuals) to troubleshoot problems with software
   7. Knows that different types of software exist for different subjects and industries (e.g., accounting software, marketing software, production software, health services industry software, aerospace industry software, agricultural industry software)
   8. Uses appropriate storage devices for software (e.g., floppy or hard disks, magnetic tape)