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List of Benchmarks for Arts and Communication

Standard 1.Understands the principles, processes, and products associated with arts and communication media
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Knows skills and techniques used in the commercial arts (e.g., basic drawings, basic design, lettering, typography, layout and design, mechanics, printmaking, illustration, interior decorating, fashion design and display, photography, sign painting, portfolio, graphic design, technical drawing, screen printing, commercial photography)
   2. Understands how the elements, materials, technologies, artistic processes (e.g., imagination, craftsmanship) and organizational principles (e.g. unity and variety, repetition and contrast) are used in similar and distinctive ways in various art forms
   3. Knows specific techniques and skills used in different art forms (e.g., dance structures and forms; script analysis, casting techniques, staging procedures, set design and construction, and theatre management in theatre; precision movement and controlled tone quality used in musical performance; the principles of design used in visual art)
   4. Uses production concepts and techniques (e.g., auditioning, directing, producing, scheduling) for various media (e.g., theatre, film, television, electronic media)
   5. Knows techniques used to publish printed media (e.g., techniques for various journalistic products such as advertisements, newspapers, magazines; components of publication including reporting, writing, headlines, captions, and photography)
   6. Knows skills used in electronic communications (e.g., producing audio recordings and broadcasts, producing video recordings and motion pictures)