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Standard 5.Maintains a healthy self-concept
  Level Pre-K (Grade Pre-K)
   1. Displays positive self-esteem and confidence in abilities
   2. Shows a desire to be independent (e.g., makes own decisions, separates from parents without stress)
   3. Shows pride in accomplishments
   4. Feels comfortable around peers and adults (e.g., accepts comfort and guidance, seeks help when needed)
  Level IV (Grade K-12)
   1. Has confidence in one’s own abilities, including the ability to succeed
   2. Uses techniques (e.g., recalling positive things others have said about oneself) to remind self of strengths
   3. Uses techniques to offset the negative effects of mistakes (e.g., sees mistakes as learning opportunities)
   4. Demonstrates appropriate responses to criticisms (e.g., avoids overreacting, takes criticism in a dispassionate manner)
   5. Uses positive affirmations and self-talk to improve sense of self, build confidence, and complete difficult tasks
   6. Analyzes self-statements for their positive and negative effects
   7. Examines "shoulds" to determine their negative and positive effects and revises “shoulds” to reflect the reality of personal needs
   8. Understands that everyone makes mistakes, and that mistakes are a natural consequence of living and of limited resources
   9. Analyzes criticisms to determine their accuracy and identifies useful lessons learned
   10. Uses high self-esteem body language