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Standard 2.Performs self-appraisal
  Level Pre-K (Grade Pre-K)
   1. Knows his or her own skills and abilities, characteristics, and preferences
  Level IV (Grade K-12)
   1. Knows a variety of learning styles and preferred learning styles
   2. Establishes learning goals based on one’s current and future learning needs
   3. Monitors progress towards learning goal and modifies strategies as needed
   4. Identifies basic values, and distinguishes values from personal preferences, needs, and wants
   5. Determines appropriate behaviors that are used and should be adopted to obtain wants and/or needs
   6. Knows personal strengths and weaknesses and techniques for overcoming weaknesses
   7. Keeps a log documenting personal improvement
   8. Understands how hobbies, personal interests, and aptitudes can lead to a career
   9. Performs analysis of employability based on work history, knowledge, skills, interests, and market trends
   10. Understands preferred working environments (e.g., self-employment versus working for others)
   11. Determines personal career goals and establishes a plan to meet them
   12. Summarizes personal educational background and work experience
   13. Identifies personal motivational patterns, personality characteristics, and style.
   14. Identifies desired future accomplishments and preferred lifestyle
   15. Identifies significant life experiences, including key accomplishments, successes, and peak experiences