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List of Benchmarks for Theatre

Standard 2.Uses acting skills
  Level Pre-K (Grade Pre-K)
   1. Creates and acts out the roles of characters from familiar stories
   2. Engages in both fantasy dramatic play and dramatic play that is based on real experiences
  Level II (Grade K-4)
   1. Knows characters in dramatizations, their relationships, and their environments
   2. Uses variations of locomotor and non locomotor movement and vocal pitch, tempo, and tone for different characters
   3. Assumes roles that exhibit concentration and contribute to the action of dramatizations based on personal experience and heritage, imagination, literature, and history
   4. Knows how to interact in improvisations
  Level III (Grade 5-8)
   1. Understands how descriptions, dialogue, and actions are used to discover, articulate, and justify character motivation
   2. Uses basic acting skills (e.g., sensory recall, concentration, breath control, diction, body alignment, control of isolated body parts) to develop characterizations that suggest artistic choices
   3. Invents character behaviors based on the observation of interactions, ethical choices, and emotional responses of people
   4. Interacts as an invented character in improvised and scripted scenes
  Level IV (Grade 9-12)
   1. Understands the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of characters found in dramatic texts from various genres and media
   2. Knows various classical and contemporary acting techniques and methods
   3. Develops, communicates, and sustains characters that communicate with audiences in improvisations and informal or formal productions