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List of Benchmarks for Technology 
 Standard 3.Understands the relationships among science, technology, society, and the individual
TopicEthics, the law, and technology
   Level II (Grade 3-5)
  Benchmark 6.Understands the concept of software piracy (i.e., illegally copying software), and that piracy is a violation of copyright laws
   Vocabulary terms
A.  software piracy
B.  copying software
C.  copyright law
  Knowledge/skill statements
  1. Understands the concept of software piracy   
  2. Knows that software piracy is illegally copying software   
  3. Knows that software piracy is a violation of copyright laws   

Citation Log: BD(BE,97;​TAE,6)
Citation reference
BD = benchmark, declarative
BP = benchmark, procedural
BC = benchmark, contextual

1st letter/number of each code in parentheses:
2   Project 2061: Benchmarks for Science Literacy
B   NBEA: National Standards for Business Education
F   NAEP: 2009 Science Framework (Pre-Publication Edition)
ID   International Baccalaureate: Design Technology (HS)
IE   International Baccalaureate: Environmental Systems (HS)
IS   ISTE: National Educational Technology Standards for Students
IT   International Baccalaureate: Informational Technology (HS)
N1   NCISE: Science and Technology Education, Elementary Years
N2   NCISE: Science and Technology Education, Middle Years
NC   North Carolina Computer/Technology Skills
S   NRC: National Science Education Standards
ST   ITEA: Standards for Technological Literacy
TA   Texas Technology Application Standards
TE   Texas Technology Education/Industrial Technology Education

2nd letter code :
E = Explicitly stated in document
I = Implicit in document

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