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List of Benchmarks for Family/Consumer Sciences 
 Standard 10.Understands how knowledge and skills related to child development affect the well-being of individuals, families, and society
TopicFamily and gender roles
   Level IV (Grade 9-12)
  Benchmark 2.Knows factors affecting the decision to parent (e.g., personal goals and priorities, genetic history, resources, cultural and societal factors, individual readiness)
   Vocabulary terms
A.  decision to parent
  Knowledge/skill statements
  1. Knows that personal goals and priorities factor into the decision to parent    
  2. Knows that genetic history factors into the decision to parent    
  3. Knows that resources factor into the decision to parent    
  4. Knows that cultural and societal issues factor into the decision to parent    
  5. Knows that individual readiness factors into the decision to parent    

Citation Log: BD(AE,38;​TE,45)
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BP = benchmark, procedural
BC = benchmark, contextual

1st letter/number of each code in parentheses:
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GA   National Grocer’s Association: National Skills Standards Project
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NY   New York Learning Standards for Health, Physical Education, and Home Economics
S   SCANS: Skills and Tasks for Jobs
SU   Skills USA Championships
T   Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Home Economics Education
TN   Tennessee Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum Framework and Program Guidelines
V   Virginia Standards of Learning Objectives: Family Life Education

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