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List of Benchmarks for Engineering Education 
 Standard 1.Understands scientific principles related to electricity
TopicAtoms and molecules
   Level IV (Grade 9-12)
  Benchmark 1.Understands the characteristics of elements, mixtures, and compounds that are explained by the electron theory
   Vocabulary terms
A.  elements
B.  mixtures
C.  compounds
D.  electron theory
  Knowledge/skill statements
  1. Understands basic electron theory   
  2. Knows the relationship among electrons, protons, and neutrons within elements   
  3. Knows the characteristics of mixtures that are explained by electron theory   
  4. Knows the characteristics of compounds that are explained by electron theory   

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Citation reference
BD = benchmark, declarative
BP = benchmark, procedural
BC = benchmark, contextual

1st letter/number of each code in parentheses:
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2nd letter code :
E = Explicitly stated in document
I = Implicit in document

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