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List of Benchmarks for World History 
 Standard 5.Understands the political, social, and cultural consequences of population movements and militarization in Eurasia in the second millennium BCE
Topics1. Hunter-gatherer, agrarian, and pastoral communities; 2. Population movements from western and central Asia; 3. Social class structure and interactions
   Level IV (Grade 9-12)
  Benchmark 1.Understands characteristics of pastoral and agrarian societies (e.g., economy, social relations, and political authority among pastoral peoples; women's social equality with men in pastoral societies as opposed to agrarian societies)
   Vocabulary terms
A.  pastoral society
B.  agrarian society
  Knowledge/skill statements
  1. Understands characteristics of pastoral societies    
  2. Understands characteristics of agrarian societies    
  3. Understands the economic structure among pastoral peoples   
  4. Understands social relations among pastoral peoples   
  5. Understands political authority among pastoral peoples   
  6. Understands women’s social equality with men in pastoral societies as opposed to agrarian societies   

Citation Log: BD(BE,144;​C;​WE,60,61)
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BD = benchmark, declarative
BP = benchmark, procedural
BC = benchmark, contextual

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B   NCHS: Basic Edition
L   Lessons from History
W   NCHS: World History, expanded edition

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