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List of Benchmarks for World History 
 Standard 36.Understands patterns of global change in the era of Western military and economic dominance from 1800 to 1914
Topics1. European, American, and Japanese imperial expansion; 2. Colonies and colonial systems ; 3. Influence of ideas on society
   Level IV (Grade 9-12)
  Benchmark 11.Understands the European intellectual justifications for imperialism (e.g., the French notion of mission civilisatrice, the German concept of Kultur, and British imperialism as reflected in Rudyard Kipling's White Man's Burden)
   Vocabulary terms
A.  justification for European imperial expansion
  Knowledge/skill statements
  1. Understands how the French notion of mission civilisatrice was used to justify imperialism   
  2. Understands how the German concept of Kultur was used to justify imperialism   
  3. Understands British imperialism and its intellectual justification as reflected in Rudyard Kipling’s White Man’s Burden   

Citation Log: BD(C;​WE,237;​LE,280)
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