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List of Benchmarks for Behavioral Studies 
 Standard 2.Understands various meanings of social group, general implications of group membership, and different ways that groups function
Topics1. Fundamentals of culture; 2. Art in culture/society
   Level II (Grade 3-5)
  Benchmark 7.Knows that language, stories, folktales, music, and artistic creations are expressions of culture
   Vocabulary terms
A.  expression of culture
  Knowledge/skill statements
  1. Knows that language is an expression of culture   
  2. Knows that stories are an expression of culture   
  3. Knows that folktales are an expression of culture   
  4. Knows that music is an expression of culture   
  5. Knows that artistic creations are an expression of culture   
McREL Activity(s)
   Coyote and Anansi

Citation Log: BD(ISI,10;​SE,33)
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BD = benchmark, declarative
BP = benchmark, procedural
BC = benchmark, contextual

1st letter/number of each code in parentheses:
2   Project 2061: Benchmarks for Science Literacy
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C   CCE: National Standards for Civics and Government
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SP4   NCTE: Standards in Practice: 9-12
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W   Carnevale: Workplace Basics

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E = Explicitly stated in document
I = Implicit in document

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