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List of Benchmarks for Language Arts 
 Standard 5.Uses the general skills and strategies of the reading process
TopicDecoding/Word identification
   Level I (Grade K-2)
  Benchmark 3.Uses basic elements of phonetic analysis (e.g., common letter/sound relationships, beginning and ending consonants, vowel sounds, blends, word patterns) to decode unknown words
   Vocabulary terms
A.  phonetic analysis
B.  decoding
C.  letter-sound relationship
D.  beginning consonant
E.  ending consonant
F.  vowel
G.  blend
H.  word pattern
I.  alphabet
  Knowledge/skill statements
  1. Uses common letter/sound relationships to decode unknown words   P   RF.K.2.d; RF.K.3.a,d; RF.1.2.d; RF.1.3.a; RF.2.3.b,e; RF.4.3.a; RF.5.3.a 
  2. Uses beginning consonants to decode unknown words   P   RF.K.2.c,d; RF.K.3.a; RF.1.2.c 
  3. Uses ending consonants to decode unknown words   P   RF.K.2.c,d; RF.K.3.a; RF.1.2.c 
  4. Uses vowel sounds to decode unknown words   P   RF.K.2.d; RF.1.2.a,c; RF.2.3.a,b 
  5. Uses blends to decode unknown words   P   RF.K.2.c; RF.1.2.b 
  6. Uses word patterns to decode unknown words   P   RF.K.2.e; RF.1.2.d 

 P  = Performance expectation(s) available based on source documents

 CC  = Common Core standards available (Common Core ID indicated)

Citation Log: BP(CAE,1,6;​CBE,65;​GKE,2,3;​G1E,2,3;​G2E,2;​INE,1,9,17;​IPI,2.21;​MAE,29,30;​NS1E,22;​NZ2I,6;​SP1E,119;​SSE,148;​T1E,10,52;​VE,6,10,*)
Citation reference
BD = benchmark, declarative
BP = benchmark, procedural
BC = benchmark, contextual

1st letter/number of each code in parentheses:
*   McREL Report
A   Australian Education Council
AASL   American Association of School Librarians
AC   ACT, College Readiness Standards
AD   American Diploma Project
B   British Film Institute
C   Considine & Haley, Visual Images
CA   California: English-Language Arts Content Standards
CB   CBE: Standards for Excellence
CBS   College Board: College Board Standards for College Success: English Language Arts
CC   Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts
D   Department of Defense Curriculum
E1   Edison Project: Primary Academy
E2   Edison Project: Elementary Academy
E3   Edison Project: Junior Academy
ES1   NCTE: Exemplar Series, K-5
ES2   NCTE: Exemplar Series, 6-8
ES3   NCTE: Exemplar Series, 9-12
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G2   Georgia: English Language Arts - Grade 2
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L   Literacy for the Information Age
LA   Louisiana Language and Literacy Development
MA   Massachusetts: English Language Arts Curriculum Framework
MA2   Massachusetts: Supplement to English Language Arts Framework, Grades 3,5,7
MH   McGraw-Hill Pre-K Standards
N   National Communication Association
N4   NAEP: Released items for grade 4 (2003)
N8   NAEP: Released items for grade 8 (2003)
NR   NAEP: 1992-1998 Achievement Levels- Reading
NS1   New Standards: Elementary School
NS2   New Standards: Middle School
NS3   New Standards: High School
NW   NAEP: 1992-1998 Achievement Levels-Writing
NZ    New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum
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TX   Texas Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines
U   Understanding University Success: A Report from Standards for Success
UNK   United Kingdom: Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage
UT   Utah Early Childhood Standards
V   Board of Education, Commonwealth of Virginia: Standards of Learning

2nd letter code :
E = Explicitly stated in document
I = Implicit in document

Page number of the cited document