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World History
 Standard 27.Understands how European society experienced political, economic, and cultural transformations in an age of global intercommunication between 1450 and 1750
  Level III [Grade 7-8]
   Benchmark 4
Understands origins of the Reformation and Catholic Reformation (e.g., why many Europeans were unhappy with the late medieval Catholic Church, and how the beliefs and ideas of leading Protestant reformers reflected this discontent; what the Catholic Reformation sought to achieve, and the effect of religious reforms and divisions on Europeans; the patterns of religious affiliation in Europe in the early 17th century and factors that led some populations to embrace the Protestant Reformation while others rejected it)
    Knowledge/skill statement 2
Understands origins of the Catholic Reformation
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B   NCHS: Basic Edition
L   Lessons from History
W   NCHS: World History, expanded edition

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