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McREL's Contributions to K-12 Standards

  • Published a database of K-12 content standards, entitled Content Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education, (Kendall & Marzano) available online and in print.

  • Posted standards-based resources on McREL's website where anyone who has Internet access may examine and use the material

  • Developed with Achieve, Inc. the Achieve+McREL standards database, an on-line tool that enables content providers to align their content--once--with the McREL standards database and that content will be aligned automatically and instantly with 40+ states' standards in the Achieve+McREL standards database.

  • Posted in 1999 Standards for Career Education for Agriculture Education, Arts & Communication, Business Education, Engineering Education, Family/Consumer Sciences, and Health Education on McREL's website

  • Helped over 150 school districts and intermediate education agencies establish and implement standards-based education

  • Developed a comprehensive standards-based vocabulary list derived from an analysis of McREL's standards database that may be used for instructional, organizational, and key word search purposes by teachers, curriculum administrators, students, parents, and content providers.

  • Helped the states of California, Hawaii, Florida, Kansas, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Washington with various aspects of standards-based education (e.g., standards drafting, reviewing, evaluating, and analyzing)

  • Contracted with North Dakota to assist local teachers and staff in the design and development of assessments tied to its statewide language arts and mathematics standards

  • Developed the standards-mapped Snapshot Assessment System for elementary and middle school migrant, language minority, and mobile students

  • Published articles in the educational press concerning standards and assessment

  • Reviewed, analyzed, revised or aligned over 300 separate standards documents and subject matter content for various schools, school districts, states, and private sector clients

  • Published a standards handbook, entitled "A Comprehensive Guide to Designing Standards-Based Districts, Schools, and Classrooms" (Marzano & Kendall, 1996)

  • Licensed Content Knowledge and McREL's standards-based vocabulary list to software publishers and online content providers, and performed standards-based content alignment and standards database development for Internet, software and print publishers

  • Produced in 1999 a standards-based video entitled Standards in the Classroom featuring Jane E. Pollock

  • Published "Essential Knowledge: The Debate Over What American Students Should Know" (Marzano & Kendall with Gaddy, 1999), a book about what knowledge should be embraced by K-12 standards-based education

  • Published "What Americans Believe Students Should Know: A Survey of U.S. Adults" (Marzano, Kendall, & Cicchinelli, 1999), a survey designed by McREL and administered by the Gallup Organization to find out what American adults believe students should know by the time they graduate from high school

  • Developed two standards-based workshops, entitled "Implementing Standards in the Classroom" and "Assessment, Grading, and Record Keeping" (1999)

  • Published Transforming Classroom Grading (Marzano, 2000), a book concerning grading and record keeping in a standards-based classroom.