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McREL Standards Activity

Take a Trip

Purpose:As a result of this activity, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of one or more sampling methods.
Related Standard & Benchmarks:
 Standard 6.Understands and applies basic and advanced concepts of statistics and data analysis
   Level III [Grade 6-8]
   Benchmark 10. Understands basic concepts about how samples are chosen (e.g., random samples, bias in sampling procedures, limited samples, sampling error)
Student Product:Sampling method
Material & Resources:Paper and writing materials
Teacher's Note:This activity presumes students have learned about sampling methods
There has been some debate in your school about where the class field trip should go. The principal has decided to survey students, parents, and faculty members to get their input. Time and resources are limited, so the entire population cannot be polled. Your math class has been chosen to determine a sound method for choosing the sample to be polled. Working in groups, give a written explanation of a sampling method you think would lead to a representative sample. Students should be sure to include their reasoning for selecting the method. Each group will present their suggestions to the class and compare their methods with the other groups. Discussion should focus on the pros and cons of each method.