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McREL Standards Activity

More or Less than

Purpose:As a result of this activity, students will be able to understand basic whole number relationships (e.g., 4 is less than 10, 30 is 3 tens).
Related Standard & Benchmarks:
 Standard 2.Understands and applies basic and advanced properties of the concepts of numbers
   Level I [Grade K-2]
   Benchmark 4. Uses base ten concepts to compare whole number relationships (e.g., 4 is less than 10, 30 is 3 tens) and represent them in flexible ways (e.g., expanded form, decomposing numbers)
Student Product:game
Material & Resources:Index cards, markers
Teacher's Note:Create index cards with numerals and pictures on them, one number per card. On one side of the index card write the numeral, on the opposite side of the card have that number of pictures or stickers. For example on one side write the numeral four and on the other side draw four stars. Using smaller or larger numbers will make it easier or more difficult. Using either the numeral side of the cards or the pictures side will also change the difficulty. You will need to create several cards of the same number and lots of index cards with one of the signs (i.e., <, >, =) on them.
Divide the students into small groups 2-4 and have them draw two numbers from a pile of number cards, then have index cards with > greater than; < less than; and = equals signs to express the relationship between the two numbers drawn. The students have to choose which sign to use to make the number statement correct. They can use either the numeral side of the cards or the picture side. They can also use the picture side to check their answers. The groups can compete to see who can make the most correct statements in a predetermined time.