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1.Understands framing in carpentry
2.Understands trim and finishing in carpentry
3.Understands working with stair systems in carpentry
4.Understands working with concrete forms in carpentry
5.Understands working with cabinets, countertops, and lamination in carpentry
6.Understands working with insulation in carpentry
7.Understands how to read and apply construction drawings and plans
8.Understands on the job safety in carpentry
9.Understands building materials
10.Understands the carpentry profession
11.Understands job safety in the plumbing industry.
12.Understands types and usage of tools in the plumbing industry.
13.Understands pipe cutting and joining
14.Understands installation of plumbing systems
15.Understands servicing of plumbing and related systems (e.g., electrical)
16.Understands plumbing blueprints, codes and regulations
17.Understands the applications of gas and fuel oil in plumbing
18.Understands the plumbing profession
19.Understands the electrical profession
20.Understands basic concepts of electrical theory and circuits
21.Understands the National Electric Code (NEC) and other electrical profession regulations
22.Understands safety issues and requirements
23.Understands types and use of tools and equipment in the electrical trade
24.Understands blueprints and electrical drawings
25.Understands hand bending and the use of fasteners in electrical work
26.Understands the types and uses of electric conductors and cables
27.Understands requirements and installation of electric service entrances
28.Understands types of lighting and installation
29.Understands controls, relays, breakers, and fuses
30.Understands how to test and troubleshoot electrical systems and components
31.Understands applications of mathematics and measurements in the electrical trade