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Engineering Education

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Electricity/Electronic Technology
1.Understands scientific principles related to electricity
2.Knows principles of circuit analysis
3.Understands elements of circuit design and construction
4.Knows applications of electrical skills and theories
Energy, Power, and Transportation Technology
5.Understands energy and power types, sources, and conversions
6.Knows methods of maintaining, servicing, and repairing transportation vehicles
7.Knows the structure and operating principles of transportation systems
Building Trades
8.Uses tools, materials, and equipment associated with the building trades
9.Understands elements of planning construction projects
10.Uses skills and techniques related to building, maintaining, and repairing structures
11.Understands the interrelationship of the building trades and society
Drafting and Design
12.Understands the techniques, tools, and technologies related to the production of technical drawings
13.Understands applications of technical drawing skills
14.Uses the design process to solve problems
Manufacturing Fundamentals
15.Uses basic mechanical skills related to the manufacturing industry
16.Understands various manufacturing processes
17.Understands elements of production planning
18.Understands concepts of production control in the manufacturing industry
19.Understands the interrelationship of manufacturing and society
20.Knows how to reduce risks and hazards in the workplace
21.Knows appropriate response to an emergency
22.Knows appropriate organizational and regulatory guidelines for work areas